Momentum’s vision for the city

What is actually Budapest?

Momentum’s aim with Budapest 2.0 is to concentrate on the
most pressing issues and create a coherent plan for the city.

Momentum’s Budapest can compete with Central Europe’s capitals and it leads in solving the housing crisis, becoming a hub of science and answering the challenges of the 21st century.



What is Budapest 2.0?

Budapest competes with the
metropolises of Central-Europe,
and we are on the losing side.

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City Planning

The city of small distances
10 minute maximum it takes
to reach a local centre

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A brave and innovative mayoral
20 thousand Hungarians
per year will be willing to emigrate
back to an open and inclusive city

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Affordable homes and increased
housing density 
30% cap
on household income to be
spent on housing by fostering
affordable homes

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